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We are linking international students with Scottish businesses and charities

Businesses and non-profit organisations in Scotland are open-minded and forward-looking. Many seek to engage internationally and are keen to gain insights from students about their home countries on matters ranging from society and culture to politics and social media. If you are an international student and would like the opportunity to work with a Scottish business, please use the form below to your register your interest. Our opportunities include work experiences and internships, as well as volunteer work and consultancy.


British Heart Foundation


The British Heart Foundation is a charity that aims to eradicate heart and circulatory diseases through life-saving research, while campaigning to increase information around issues related to their research. 

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Uplands Roast



An ethical coffee shop, located right by the main library on campus. Inspired by the magic of Vietnamese coffee and the culture that produces it, they aim to serve the community of Edinburgh through their coffee, sourced directly from Vietnam.

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Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Work Experience

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative is a long established well respected bike and bike accessories retailer. Founded in 1977, the business consists of 5 bricks and mortar stores and an ecommerce site. As an employee owned business, service quality and the customer are at the heart of what we do.

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